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Student-Led Discussion Dates
Richard III
Jan. 30: Al
Feb. 2: Kyle
Titus Andronicus
Feb. 18: Katie
Feb. 20: Tatiana
Ravenscroft Titus
Feb. 25: Mac

Taymore's Titus

Feb. 27: Lauren
Discoverie of Witchcraft
Mar. 4: Maria
Doctor Faustus
Mar. 6: Zach
Master & Margarita
Mar. 27: Andrew
Mar. 30: Holly
Apr. 1: Vas
Apr. 6: Sam
Apr. 15: Sang
Apr. 17: Steph
Apr. 22: Mike
Apr. 23: Julia

Leading Discussion

When leading a discussion, your objectives are as follows:

- The goal of your presentation is to get people thinking and talking about the text(s) for the day.
- You may think up and present 2-3 insightful questions about the readings for the day. You may have some answers in mind or you may not – the questions should not be “who is the main character?” or similar (unless that is unclear). Do not summarize the readings for the day; you may assume that your classmates have done their homework.
- You may present a close reading from the text, choosing and reading aloud the passage(s) and suggesting a way or ways of reading the text. You may also choose a passage(s) to read and ask your classmates to do a close reading, if you like.

This assignment counts toward your presentation grade. If you do not attend class on the day of your presentation and do not arrange for another date ahead of time, you will receive a zero on this assignment.

You will be graded on clarity, thoughtfulness of questions, and your discussion of the text. You can find your grade on the Digication Course page under "Presentations."


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.