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Due April 30 at noon with the Final Portfolio and Research Paper


    - To compile a comprehensive portfolio of course assignments and relevant topical     materials that led to the composition of a research-based paper.

    - To demonstrate the process of and skills needed in constructing a coherent  

    research-based paper.

Compile all written assignments for the course, along with relevant notes, outlines, reflections, and media leading to the production of the final research paper. Organize the materials in an appropriate, logical fashion. Demonstrate, using your portfolio materials as evidence, your development as a writer, a researcher, and an interpreter.
    Necessary Components:
Introduction: In 300-600 words, introduce your topic and explain your organization.
Table of Contents: Give a clear, coherent Table of Contents with a brief explanation of each section (1-3 sentences).
Explanation of Content: Each section should include a brief explanation of content that includes both what is contained within that section and the reason why it is important to your portfolio (either topically or in terms of skills).
Written Course Assignments: Include all written assignments for the course (Journals, Summaries, Annotated Bibliography entries, Midterm Reflection). These should be organized as appropriate to your topic and their use in terms of your portfolio; you may find that some individual assignments belong under a topic heading, while others belong in a “Skills” or “Methodology” heading, and still others in a “Responses” or “Reflections” heading.
Proposals and Prospectus: These should be included along with comments and revisions that discuss the evolution of your project from one assignment to the next, culminating with the final paper (turned in separately).
Formal Reflection: You should include a Formal Reflection of 900-1500 words that explains your process of research, the function of each section in your portfolio to this process, and the development of your writing from the origin of your topic ideas to your final paper. Use direct evidence from your portfolio (giving specific details) to illustrate your points.

Your portfolio (40% of your final grade) will be assessed in terms of the criteria listed on your midterm evaluation sheets (Organization, Relevance of Content, Explanation of Content, Introduction/Table of Contents, Creativity/Originality/Resourcefulness, Completeness of Assigned Portions, Expansiveness (beyond assignments), and Language & Style).

Your final paper (25% of your final grade) will be assessed in terms of the following: Completeness of Thesis/Argument, Understanding of Argumentation, Use of Evidence, Presentation of Material, Clarity of Writing, Grammar, Structure, and Appropriate Language.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.