DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Due April 22



- To clearly and concisely state your thesis or driving argument

- To identify your major exhibit and theory sources and explain their use and interpretation in your project

- To illustrate your use of significant argument and fact sources in your project



In 600-1200 words, your revised proposal should contain the following pieces:

- An introduction that clearly and concisely states your thesis or driving argument (not a question - your proposed answers to your main questions).

- Any theoretical ideas that you need to present in order to make your argument (i.e. the premise behind your interpretation of your exhibits).

- Your analysis of your exhibit(s), without using direct evidence.

- An explanation of other major sources that directly addresses only the most significant argument and fact sources to your project. In this section, I do not want to see the phrase "this source will give me information on..." This section is only for major contributions; include a critic whose ideas has shaped your argument, a fact source that provides the basis for your claims, and/or a critic against whom you argue throughout a large portion of your project. You may only have a few of these sources.

- A bibliography of all the sources you have used or intend to use in your project (non-annotated). This list does not contribute to the required words for the assignment.


Because this is a revision of your earlier proposal, you  may repeat ideas and diction from your first proposal assignment. However, I expect you to have formulated a thesis/argument by this time, so most of you will need to do fairly extensive revisions to content as well as grammar.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.