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Source Finding Worksheet

(download worksheet to fill out and print)

Due Tuesday, February 17.

Find three sources – of any combination of Fact, Argument, and/or Theory types – using the Library resources. Copy down or print off the bibliographical information for those sources (you may use this sheet).

These sources should be relevant to a possible Research Project topic. If a source’s relevance is not immediately evident (if your Exhibit is Richard III and the title has “Richard III” in it, that is obvious), explain why you think it might be relevant to your ideas.

You do not need to have read the sources. Simply provide me with a list via email (this worksheet is download-able on the Course Page and on the Instructor’s Portfolio in Word format), on Digication, on your web portfolio, or in hard copy. You may use these sources for your Annotated Bibliography assignment later in the semester, but you are not required to do so in the event that you change your mind about your topic.


Provide the following information about all three sources.


SOURCE (title):
Call Number:
Publisher & City of Publication:
Year of Publication:
For journal articles, Volume and Issue numbers:
Why this source might be useful:

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.