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The Baines Note

A note concerning the opinion of one Christopher Marly concerning his damnable judgment of religion and scorn of Gods word

That the Indians and many authors of antiquity have assuredly written of above sixteen thousand years agone, whereas Adam is proved to have lived within six thousand years.

He affirmeth that Moses was but a juggler and that one Heriots, being Sir W. Raleigh’s man, can do more than he.

That Moses made the Jews to travel forty years in the wilderness, which journey might have been done in less than one year, ere they came to the promised land, to the intent that those who were privy to most of his subtleties might perish, and so an everlasting superstition remain in the hearts of the people.

That the first beginning of religion was only to keep men in awe.

That it was an easy matter for Moses, being brought up in all the arts of the Egyptians, to abuse the Jews, being a rude and gross people.

That Christ was a bastard and his mother dishonest.

That he was the son of a carpenter and that, if the Jews among whom he was born did crucify him, they best knew him and whence he came.

That Christ deserved better to die than Barabbas and that the Jews made a good choice though Barabbas was both a thief and a murderer.

That if there be any God or any good religion, than it is in the papists, because the service of God is performed with more ceremonies, as elevation of the mass, organs, singing-men, shaven crowns, etc. That all protestants are hypocritical asses.

That if he were put to write a new religion, he would undertake both a more excellent and admirable method; and that all the New Testament is filthily written.

That the woman of Samaria and her sister were whores; and that Christ knew them dishonestly.

That St John the Evangelist was bed-fellow unto Christ and leaned always in his bosom; that he used him as the sinners of Sodoma.

That all they that love not tobacco and boys were fools. . . .

That the angel Gabriel was bawd to the Holy Ghost, because he brought the salutation to Mary. . . .

These things, with many other, shall by good and honest witness be approved to be his opinions and common speeches; and that this Marlowe doth not only hold them himself but, almost into every company he cometh, he persuades men to atheism, willing them not to be afeared of bugbears and hobgoblins, and utterly scorning both God and his ministers; as I Richard Baines will justify and approve, both by mine oath and the testimony of many honest men, and almost all men with whom he hath conversed any time will testify the same.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.