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Course Goals

Although they vary in topic, all sections of WR 100 and WR 150 have certain goals in common. In WR 100, you developed your abilities to:

  • craft substantive, motivated, balanced academic arguments
  • write clear, correct, coherent prose
  • read with understanding and engagement
  • plan, draft, and revise efficiently and effectively
  • evaluate and improve your own reading and writing processes
  • respond productively to the writing of others
  • express yourself orally and converse thoughtfully about complex ideas.


In WR 150, you will continue developing these abilities as you learn to conduct college-level research and work intensively on your prose style. The papers you will write for WR 150 will be similar in kind to those you wrote for WR 100, but they will be longer and more complex. In WR 150, you will learn how to search for materials using contemporary online search tools and databases and how to access materials online or in the library. You will develop your abilities to evaluate the authority and reliability of sources and to make critical choices among the materials at your disposal.


Download syllabus here.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.