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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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Shared ideas/ interesting finds

Moscow's Banksy: the street art of P183 – in pictures

Paper cutout humans interacting with its surroundings, becoming elements/objects of the same realm. Can be used for all 3 ideas (greenhouse, water, recycled) to create a connection between the contrasting elements of fiction and reality. A way of creating interactive art, when viewers are present in the same space as the paper cutout humans.



Yuki Matsueda

I love her idea of making things ‘pop-out’ from its 2D surface. It looks as though the objects have come alive, but at the same time, freezes in time and trapped within the transparent plastic film.



The art of Paul Kuczynski

Full of irony and satire (political, economical, social). He is making a statement about the many problems and controversies of our world today through his artworks, which are able to send the viewers into deep thought. It makes us question our values and actions.



Amazingly creative drawing vs photography

Again, another great work that creates interaction and connection between fiction and reality, with a touch of child-like innocence and pure fun. It just makes me smile J



20 awesome examples of street art

These artists smartly utilize the specific site they have chosen, and created interaction and some sort of communication between the site and their artwork. Something I wish that I could achieve.



Book pages on toilet seat

I just find this extremely amusing!



Sinking Volkswagen Installation by Ivan Puig

This idea can be applied to the recycling area idea, with trash “sinking” into the walls and the floor, signifying how they are overflowing the space. It can also be applied to the drinking fountain idea, to make the illusion of an alternate underwater world look more real, with parts if it “coming out of the wall”.



Theo Watson – Daisies

An interactive projection of a field of daisies that disappears when stepped on and reappears awhile later. I like how the daisies look as though they are alive and growing out from the ground when they reappear.




Top 10 examples of brilliant shadow art



Very beautiful drawings

The surrealistic painting style and peaceful atmosphere used here can be used for greenhouse, while the interaction between natural and man-made objects, existing in harmony in the same space can be used for drinking fountain.



DIY: Nespresso caps garland

A cool recycling idea for Nespresso caps! It can become leaves on a tree (painted on the wall), either in the recycling area or the greenhouse (left corner near entrance).





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Greenhouse of Wisdom


Drowning Beautiful by Jason de Caires Taylor

Cement life-size human sculptures built and placed under the sea. A unique and intruiging displacement of humans into the water. An interesting interaction between man-made(cement) and nature(when corals and reefs grow). Modifying and interacting with the underwater landscape.

It would be interesting if my “greenhouse” can have a mix of real and unreal (cardboard, plastic) plants, creating the same interaction between man-made and natural objects, camouflaged within the same landscape, signifying a harmony between humans and nature.



Marion Bolognesi

I love how she combines abstract and realism in her illustrative watercolor paintings of faces. The blots of water color are given meaning and identity when combines with the human features. A possible technique for all 3 ideas I’m considering. Especially the greenhouse idea, as it will create the dreamy feeling I’m aiming at.



Lawrence Yang

Another artist I can reference to when I wish to create the dreamy feeling for my greenhouse. I like how he is influenced by both Chinese painting (with the use of blank ink and the way he renders his tree trunks) and graffiti (illustration of weird creatures). The use of watercolor here creates a dreamy yet peaceful atmosphere in his landscape painitngs.



See Saw series from L Filipe dos Santos

Similar to Marion Bolognesi’s watercolor illustrations, this artist combines abstract blots of color patterns, created randomly and accidentally, utilize them as the way they are, to create beautiful illustatrions.



JoyHey – Inspiration: Dreamy Wedding

The dreamy and pastel photographs taken here are the kind of atmosphere I wish to create for my greenhouse.




My Owl Barn -  Chun Eun Sil

I like her style of illustration. A playful, surreal, dreamy atmosphere with animals and natural landscape. A style I would consider for my Greenhouse idea.



Z. L. Feng’s watercolor landscapes

Another artist who combines chinese ink painting with watercolor techniques. I love the tranquility portrayed in these landscapes. A possible style for the greenhouse.

P.S. his portrait paintings are AWESOME!



Julie Heffernan’s Construction of the Self

Sensuous figures, surreal space and baroque style. The word ‘wisdom’ evokes Victorian/ European libraries, with shelf-covered walls of books with think spines and yellow pages, armchairs, statues etc. I feel that her style gives a very representative visual translation of the word “wisdom”.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.